Summer 2015

Even when she was a teenager, Meredith Hinton saw herself becoming a youth minister. “Young people believe they can change the world," she says, "and I always thought it would be a wonderful calling to walk beside them.” Today, Meredith is following her passion by helping United Methodist congregations in rural North Carolina engage young people and help them grow as leaders in the church.

Winter 2015

At four colleges and universities in the Carolinas, construction projects are offering space for building community and engagement, and preparing campuses for the future.

By providing resources for spiritual renewal, stress management and mindful eating and exercise, Spirited Life has served more than 1,000 United Methodist clergy in North Carolina. 

In North Carolina, a unique task force has focused on ways to help Departments of Social Services make the best decisions for the thousands of children who enter the foster care system each year.