Improving Effectiveness: Evaluation Reports

Improving Effectiveness: Evaluation Reports
Gene Cochrane, president of The Duke Endowment, discusses the changing role of evaluation.

Advancing Workplace Wellness

The Duke Endowment Wellness Initiative: Summary of Grant Experiences and Recipient Recommendations (pdf) (December 2000)
Assessing efforts to help hospitals focus on preventive medicine and wellness in the workplace.
Evaluation conducted by The Duke Endowment.

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Creating Standard Measures for Child Advocacy Centers

The Duke Endowment: Child Advocacy Center Evaluation (pdf) (April 2008)
Building the capacity of child advocacy centers to track common outcomes of child well-being.
Evaluation submitted by Veena Pankaj and Shital C. Shah, Innovation Network
Executive Summary (pdf)

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Encouraging Environmentally Sustainable Campuses

Evaluation of The Duke Endowment Campus Sustainability Initiative (pdf) (January 2013)
Assessing the impact of the Campus Sustainability Initiative, an effort that linked Davidson College, Duke University, Furman University and Johnson C. Smith University on environmental projects.
Evaluation submitted by Tatjana Vujic

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Fostering Community-Campus Partnerships

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Helping Communities Support Children and Families

Lessons Learned and Affirmed: The Duke Endowment Children and Families Program (pdf) (January 2003)
Assessing the work of 12 community partnerships formed to support children and families.
Evaluation conducted by Institute for Families in Society, University of South Carolina.

Preventing Child Abuse

A series of reports assessing and documenting the implementation of the Child Abuse Prevention Initiative.
Evaluation conducted by Deborah Daro, Lee Ann Huang, Brianna English.

Promoting Healthy Hospital Campuses

Impact of UNC Health Care's Tobacco-Free Hospital Campus Policy on Hospital Employees (pdf) (February 2008)
Evaluating the impact of a tobacco-free hospital campus policy on employees.
Evaluation conducted by UNC School of Medicine Nicotine Dependence Program.

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Promoting Wellness in Children's Homes

ENRICH: Duke Endowment Wellness Project (pdf) (April 2009)
Assessing children's home environments as they support healthy eating and physical activity.
Evaluation conducted by Ruth Saunders, Ph.D., P.I., and Alexandra Evans, Ph.D., Co-P.I., University of South Carolina Research Foundation.

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Providing Flood Relief Through Churches and Hospitals

Flood Relief Grants 1999-2001: Summary of Grant Appropriations and Lessons Learned (pdf) (October 2002)
Providing flood relief through churches, hospitals and community agencies.
Evaluation conducted by The Duke Endowment.

Providing Innovative Services for Seniors

In 2012, The Duke Endowment commissioned Dr. James H. Johnson Jr. at the University of North Carolina to explore the needs and impact of an aging population in North Carolina and South Carolina.  His report, “Aging in Place in the Carolinas,” underscores the importance of using data to better understand the issues and service gaps, and provides an analysis of evidence-based programs that address the needs of this population.  

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Strengthening the Nursing Workforce

Final Report Executive Summary: Retrospective Evaluation of The Duke Endowment's Nursing Workforce Grant Initiative (pdf) (February 2008)
Documenting best practices and outcome indicators for the nursing workforce.
Evaluation conducted by Nina Vinson and Jill Fromewick, SAGE Partners, Inc.

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Strengthening Economic Development in Rural Communities

A series of reports documenting the process and lessons of long-term economic renewal through the Program for the Rural Carolinas.
Evaluation conducted by Prudence Brown, Ph.D., and Kendra Davenport Cotton and Danyelle O'Hara, Chapin Hall Center for Children at The University of Chicago.

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Supporting Children in Domestic Violence Shelters

Identifying and Responding to the Needs of Children in Domestic Violence Shelters: Final Report (pdf) (June 2008)
Evaluating the impact and sustainability of a program to train staff at domestic violence shelters to screen children for post-traumatic stress and other mental health issues.
Evaluation conducted by Center for Child & Family Health and Center for Child and Family Policy Duke University.

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