Preserving and growing assets

[bar chart of grants and expenses] More than 87 percent of the Endowment's total spending goes directly to grantmaking. This compares favorably to other foundations our size.

[bar chart of total grantmaking over 10 years] Grantmaking volume depends on our ability to invest assets wisely. Since James B. Duke's death in 1925, the assets of The Duke Endowment have achieved significant growth. The corpus has grown from $107 million to $2.4 billion, a 20-fold increase. During the same time, $2.4 billion has been distributed in grants.

In 2007, the Endowment evaluated the potential benefits of retaining DUMAC, LLC to manage the Endowment's investment assets. After careful consideration, the Board of Trustees approved a proposal to appoint DUMAC as investment manager, effective July 1, 2007. DUMAC is an investment management company that operates as an independent, nonprofit entity, managing the investment assets of Duke University and The Duke Endowment.

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Total assets (in billions): 2.2

Investment returns: $$

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