Health Care Application Questions

The Duke Endowment introduced a new application process for most areas of work. The Health Care application questions are:

Question 1: Project Focus

What need are you trying to address?

Question 2: Collaborative Approach

Who in your service area is working to address this need or operating a project/program similar to the one you are proposing? How are you engaged with them?

Question 3: Project Description

Describe the project/program you are proposing to achieve these outcomes.

Question 4: Anticipated Results

Describe the outcomes expected from the proposed project/program.

Question 5: Evaluation

Describe how you will measure and report on key activities and outcomes.  Define specific outcome indicators and, for each, provide baselines, targets, and timeframes, i.e., how much, by when.

Question 6: Roles and Resources

Who will lead or direct this work? What additional resources (internal or external) are needed to carry out this work?

Question 7: Sustainability

How will you sustain your project/program’s impact?