Leading The Way

September 26, 2016 ·
Rhett Mabry
Leading The Way

When I joined the Endowment in 1992, Gene Cochrane – my supervisor at the time – suggested that I buy a road map to track my site visit travels. He predicted that at some point in my career, I will have traveled every major highway and byway in the Carolinas.

Two decades later, I still have a ways to go – but I have been in all 146 counties across the two states. More importantly, I’ve had the privilege of visiting hundreds of high-performing organizations and meeting people who are both inspired and inspiring. Their commitment to making a measurable impact has deepened my own passion for this work.

With Gene’s retirement on July 1, I’ve been given the extraordinary opportunity to lead this organization and achieve Mr. Duke’s vision in today’s world. There’s an old saying that no one does anything on their own – that we all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us – and that certainly applies in this case. My new journey is just beginning, but many great leaders have paved the way forward.

I’m eager to listen and learn from you. I hope our paths cross soon.