Putting Child Well-being First

June 06, 2016 ·
Jean Spaulding, Trustee and Child Care Committee Chair
Putting Child Well-being First

Today, The Duke Endowment is pleased to share a new “theory of change” video from our Child Care program area. Based on decades of discovery, and more than $350 million invested in child welfare, we have learned much from our work with private service providers and government agencies that are laboring hard within the child welfare system to nurture vulnerable children.

That system largely starts with safety and extends to permanency with the assumption that well-being will follow. However, our Child Care team is focusing on child well-being as the primary objective – and we are encouraged by the ideas and conversations happening on the front lines. We believe that by putting well-being first, you get better results.

We invite you to watch this short video that illustrates what we mean. The video shares our theory, defines well-being essentials and indicators, and offers four major ways the Endowment is putting well-being first for children and the future.

This thinking reflects the grantmaking direction for the Endowment’s Child Care program area, and we hope you find it helpful to your work. I encourage you to share it and help us stimulate conversation on this important topic.