The State

Funded by a grant from The Duke Endowment, a transition care program at Providence Hospitals is part of a trend that brings care to the homes of people with chronic ailments. Read more.

The State

The Duke Endowment has awarded a $556,030 grant to University of South Carolina researchers who are leading the way in devising methods for enhancing activity in child care centers. Read more

North Carolina Public Radio, WUNC 91.5

The Spirited Life outreach program, through the Clergy Health Initiative, continues to play an important role in helping pastors understand the importance of taking care of themselves, in addition to their congregation. Read more.

Christianity Today

Like our Clergy Health Initiative, through the Duke Divinity school, faith-based wellness programs are delivering good news for bodies as well as souls. Read more.

The Post and Courier

Nurse-Family Partnership remains effective at improving the lives of new mothers and children in South Carolina and around the nation. It's also playing a role in national conversations about innovative ideas like social-impact bonds, and ensuring the sustainability of proven programs. Read more.

The Charlotte Observer

Nurse-Family Partnership continues to attract attention for the immediate and long-term benefits it offers new mothers and children, like Sarah and Fife Ogunmola of Charlotte. Read more.

North Carolina Network of Grantmakers

Trustees of The Duke Endowment have approved the first round of 2013 grants, given to organizations in North Carolina and South Carolina focusing on Child Care, Health Care, Higher Education and rural United Methodist churches. Read more.

Philanthropy Journal

The Catawba County Child Wellbeing Project, a pilot program in North Carolina, is shifting the way the child welfare system serves children and families. Read more.  

The Herald-Sun

The Duke Endowment has committed $5 million to the Duke University School of Law to support the operations of its Center for Judicial Studies.  Read more

The Seattle Times

EMTs and paramedics are governed by rules that vary widely by city and state. Their wages differ widely as well. Read the full article.