Port City Daily

As part of The Duke Endowment’s Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas program, Dosher Memorial Hospital in Southport, N.C., is expanding efforts to improve community health. Read more.

Lincoln Times-News

The historic arbor at Tucker’s Grove Camp Meeting in Iron Station, N.C., is undergoing much-needed repair. Read more.


Tamika D. Williams has been promoted to Associate Director of The Duke Endowment’s Child Care program area. Read the news release


Meka S. Sales has been named Director of Special Initiatives at The Duke Endowment. Read the news release.

Runner’s World

Along with children across the globe, school kids in rural Montgomery County, N.C., are learning that physical activity is important – and fun. Read more.


Trustees of The Duke Endowment in Charlotte have approved $7.5 million in new grants to organizations in North Carolina and South Carolina that are working to expand opportunities for vulnerable children. Read the news release.


The importance of good oral health is receiving attention from many funders, including The Duke Endowment. Read more.

Philanthropy News Digest

The funder collaborative Blue Meridian Partners has announced that two foundations have joined its the effort to improve outcomes for economically disadvantaged children and youth. Read more.

Detroit Free Press

In South Carolina, expanding Nurse-Family Partnership with social-impact bonds presented a challenging opportunity. Read more.

Wilkes Journal-Patriot

As part of Healthy People, Healthy Carolinas, The Health Foundation will help promote health and wellness in Wilkes County. Read more.