Spring 2018

Pastor Ed McKinney found his calling helping rural churches use their strengths and resources in the communities they serve. This summer, his small but active congregation will take on a new challenge of improving childhood literacy. “We saw a need, and accepted an opportunity, to make a positive impact,” he says

Winter 2018

Robb Webb, director of The Duke Endowment’s Rural Church program area, discusses our support for rural congregations in North Carolina and the communities they serve.

A new training program is helping foster parents find ways to support the special needs of children in their care. 

Twenty-nine hospitals in the Carolinas are improving patient care through a business transformation practice called Lean. 

Two communities -- one in Charlotte, one in Spartanburg -- take a holistic, systematic approach to neighborhood redevelopment. The place-based initiatives could offer a model for healing poverty-stricken communities.